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Women's Health Massage Therapy

       Best massage ever!! The consultation at the start allowed me request the tailored massage I needed - a mixture of relaxation and getting rid of the knots in my upper back and shoulders that had been bothering me for months.


Highly recommend and will be going back soon

       I've had regular massage treatments with Lottie both during and after my pregnancy and I cannot recommend her enough. Within a few moments, she identified my problem areas that I struggled to pinpoint. The special cushion allowed me to comfortably lie on my stomach while protecting my bump which was a total game changer.


Lottie is warm, professional and naturally gifted, well worth a visit

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Welcome to The Rejuvenation Room

My name is Lottie, I have always been interested in different massage techniques but since having children of my own I have set my focus on women's health massage therapy specialising in pregnancy, postnatal, scar therapy and general women's wellness massage. 

I have chosen this path as I felt I experienced huge benefits from massage during both my pregnancies and continuing to do so now, working on my C-section scar which left me in quite a bit of discomfort. I have learnt an in depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology and advanced massage techniques, I can assess clients, understand the root of the problem and then work together to improve symptoms. 

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Whether you need someone to work on specific aches and pains or just want a treatment to help you recharge and relax, the wellness massage can be tailored to your personal requirements.


This treatment is built around traditional, Swedish massage techniques, and is a great way to briefly disconnect from the busy everyday.


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This pregnancy massage is relaxing, luxurious but also bespoke to target those pregnancy aches and pains.


Whether you want to just relax and snooze or relieve discomfort due to extra pressure on the body, this massage is perfect for mothers to be.


This is a great treatment for relieving joint pain, upper or lower back ache, pelvic girdle pain or discomfort from swelling. During the pregnancy journey it's very important to focus on you, find ways to relax and reduce pressure physically and mentally.  


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Postnatal massage can help unstick all those areas that can become tight and restricted during pregnancy and help return your muscles and posture to their optimum position. Massage also improves circulation and benefits the lymphatic system's functions which helps relieve postnatal swelling.

Once baby is here, your body is tired and needs time to recover. This is difficult during those demanding those first months of caring, feeding and everyday life with your new baby.


This postnatal massage will support you physically but also mentally and emotionally. 


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During this treatment we will assess your scar and the surrounding area including your breathing, to see how the scar is effecting you.


Due to the healing process, your body scar tissue can be tight, thick and become stuck to the wall of the body and even sometimes your organs. This can lead to pain, restricted movement and tightness in appearance, manifesting itself as a tight band across your stomach.  


We work on the scar and the surrounding area to loosen the adhesions, leading to a reduction in tightness and numbness in the area. ​

3 to 6 sessions is recommended alongside guided, self massage with the scar kit provided with the 3 session course.

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Back, neck & shoulder 35 minutes - £45

Full body message 60 minutes - £60

Full body, feet, hands & head 80 minutes - £80

Scar single session 80 minutes - £80

Scar 3 sessions 1 x 80, 2 x 60 minute sessions - £180


includes pot of songbird bee balm massage wax and massage ball.

Qualifications include


BTEC national diploma in beauty applied sciences including anatomy and physiology and nutrition. 

CPD Courses in Pregnancy and postnatal massage and remedial therapy & C-section, hysterectomy and abdominal scar immersion.

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